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How sports broadcast put emotions on edge Why sports broadcast is about emotion, not bandwidth Sport inspires incredibly strong emotion in
Proactivity versus reactivity and the biases that guide our decision making How do you face failure when you’ve never failed
Celebrating our Tenth Birthday in Marketing Communications for Innovators We look back at what’s changed within the broadcast industry. And
      Why AMS Institute decided to buy their own video studio ‘AS A KNOWLEDGE INSTITUTE WE NEEDED WEBCLIP2GO
In person or on screen, 2022’s Bridge Event was as grand as ever!   It’s that time of the year
          WebClip2Go Introduces Proprietary AI-based Voice Control Technology  VCP allows for seamless chat show production with
        AETA Provides Winning Combination for Africa Sporting Events  Delivered 144 ScoopTeam codecs to Cameroon to ensure
What Bridge Technologies Discovered at NAB 2022 We came. We saw. We conquered. Yes, finally – after what seems like
From Design to Construction. From a mere dream to a key in the door. How A Living Concept’s holistic and
Foxtel Expands its Monitoring Equipment with Bridge Technologies ...and finds Norwegian Superhero hiding inside Bridge Technologies' Appliance   Written by
Make video with the Powerpoints you already have!   With no need for a crew or specialist editing knowledge, WebClip2Go
Have you ever used an iPad to monitor your production feed? Do you know the answer? Which HTLM5-based product can
        MainStreaming  Pair with Belgian LCL to Facilitate  Data Streaming    Combined efforts will bring unrivalled data
      WebClip2Go Beefs Up its Hardware Base  New GPU and CPU will facilitate four x 4k channel recording
        WebClip2Go to Exhibit at the Media and Learning Show 2022 Including live tours of KU Leuven
Bridge Technologies Integrates SR Live Metadata into VB440  Development sees Bridge support Sony’s SR Live for HDR technology   OSLO,
        Archiving Specialist NOA Readies for CABSAT 2022 Will highlight solutions supporting the preservation process   Vienna,
        AETA and INA Help Train Media Students Codec specialist AETA has donated four Scoop5 S codec
Our biggest competitor: an unmanaged IP network   In the field of technology, we’re a big believer in the idea
            CuttingRoom Launches the World’s First Cloud-native Professional Video Editor Collaborative editing on a remote
Factors affecting the Communications Strategies of firms offering Edge-based solutions   An Xpresso Communications Technology Deep-Dive Working within the field
NAB Show Down Through the Years By James E. O'Neal  A brief history of broadcasters' premiere gathering (Image credit: NAB)
          Dream Chip to Showcase its New Multiuse Mini Cameras at NAB 2022  to cover the
      Bridge Technologies to Unveil Signal Generation Functionality at NAB   Further enhances the VB440’s holistic production capabilities
Can someone remind us how to write an NAB blog, please? With the upcoming NAB Show just two weeks away,
          Dream Chip Partner with Airtime Unlimited to Deliver on Laax Open  Remarkable Followcam produces immersive
              Annabella Nassetti Awarded Most Innovative Interior Design Professional of the Year   for
        MainStreaming Announce Presence at NAB 2022  A focus on US market growth and Edge-based delivery  
    VSN to Launch its Metadata Rules Editor at NAB 2022   Press Release Barcelona, SPAIN — 29 March,
Swimming pools, lampposts and bees… what do they all have in common?  In this month’s blog, I want to share
Breaking new ground with DVB-I In this month’s blog, we examine MainStreaming’s involvement in an impressive new initiative based around
          Burst Video Releases New Version for its Recorder  Innovative tool enhances video capture possibilities  
      WebClip2Go Implement Hybrid Teaching System in Belgium  Teachers at Hogeschool Vives to create both lecture and webinar
How to market the unremarkably remarkable? Benefits and complexities of adopting a ‘continuous improvement’ mindset in a market that thrives
            RJRGleaner Communications Group Digitizes Radio Archive With NOA Jamaica-based group has modernized it archiving
Securing the future by preserving history Case Study about Sharjah Broadcasting Authority When Sharjah Broadcasting Authority (SBA) realized the importance
Streaming one step ahead Living life on the edge The rise of data consumption in the last decade has been
      Xpresso Communications Awarded Content Creation Agency of the Year for its multidimensional approach to complex and innovative
        Dream Chip Announce AtomOne mini Zoom   The new camera delivers unmatched creative possibilities    
            Bridge Technologies Upgrades ASI Monitoring with VB246  New blade facilitates continuous parallel monitoring of
How We Craft Quantum Content The concept of Enteglement     A connected future Do you believe in fate? And
The Bridge Technologies Timeline   Where We Have Been “Dunno where I’m going, Dunno where I’ve been” When guitar legend
The Role That Culture Plays in Interior Design   My own cultural background The role of culture is an interesting
Bridge Technologies supplies Hong-Kong broadcaster TVB with full redundancy switching through business partner Mediatech Case Study Covering most of the
The end-of-year roundup. Is it already? How can you possibly do a roundup of the year when January was just
Creativity Is A Beacon That Drives Us All Forward   As we look back across the year that has just
      Bridge Technologies Brings Audio Enhancements to VB440  Facilitating immersive production on a distributed basis  Press Release  
  Annabella Nassetti Selected by Arborea Living for an Innovative Project  to provide interior design that promotes harmony and functionality
          Sud Radio Refines Remotes With AETA Audio Systems Is using AETA’s mobile IP connections to
Driving Video Content Distribution to Intelligent Streaming Service   Blog It’s good to feel in control! Why do you need