Simen K. Frostad

Chairman of Bridge Technologies

Our journey with Fiorenza began many years ago when Bridge Technologies was pretty much unknown in the industry and by the international press. It was immediately clear that we could trust her industry knowledge and professionalism. In the past few years, Fiorenza and her fantastic team have worked with us through all the necessary steps in building our brand and our voice. They know the technology and the industry inside out and are able to craft outstandingly good content, finding creative ways to express our ideas and personality in a way that editors love.

It is because of Xpresso’s valuable guidance, content creation & distribution, social media and public relations skills that Bridge Technologies’ brand and message can be seen and heard almost everywhere today! Xpresso Communications is a great partner in strategic communications that we highly recommend to any company operating in the business of media entertainment technology.

Jean-Christophe Kummers

Managing Partner at NOA

We have been very happy with what Xpresso have achieved even on a limited budget. They are committed, they know their stuff, and they are persistent too, when it comes to meeting deadlines.

They work efficiently and save us time because they have good technical knowledge, but they also understand the importance of personal relationships in PR.

Annabella Nassetti

Founder of A Living Concept & Senior Interior Designer

All of our partnerships are based on trust and on the collective feeling of pushing creative boundaries. That’s what we were looking for when selecting an international communications partner. Xpresso Communications’ team stands out for their open mindedness, international reputation and their polymathic content creation.

Gerrit Bulten

CEO WebClip2Go

I have known Fiorenza since we were both working for Dynatech, an American broadcast manufacturer. Only recently did we meet at an industry event and we got to talking about my new WebClip2Go solution that is revolutionizing the way audiovisual content is produced. As an engineer I was unaware – and to a certain extent skeptical – about there being value in communications and branding in the way that Fiorenza and Jess talked so passionately about. But, after reading the content of the Xpresso website, I instantly understood how compelling well-written content is, how important it can be to communicating ideas about your brand, and how it was currently missing from our own strategy.

Following the first strategic call and the first piece of content they delivered, I concluded that I was working with the right partner. It comes as no surprise to me that my good friend Fiorenza and the excellent team at Xpresso have been awarded a European Business Award for their services.

Henry Alexander


I appreciated the flexibility I was given by Xpresso Communications to work on a short project concerning a Trade Show campaign. I had been referred to Xpresso by an industry friend and following a pleasant call we simply started working; thanks to their technical knowledge there was truly no learning curve, no complexity, no complications. They are accurate and fast and because of their long-standing reputation in the broadcast industry, and as a result we could deliver a much better and comprehensive message to our customers which resulted in a better global exposure after only three months of work.

David Bourgeois

CEO, Cyan View

As a relatively new company, we didn’t have much budget for marketing communications – so we were amazed at how much Xpresso managed to accomplish for us. Within a very short time, we had achieved an astonishing level of visibility among our target customers. IBC, for example, was a hugely successful show for us because of the number of new prospects we met – many of them major organisations – and that was entirely a result of the efforts of Fiorenza and her team.

Not only are Xpresso very professional, they are also responsive and creative. They understand our marketplace and the technology – and, perhaps more importantly, they’ve worked hard to understand our business and our goals. We always feel that we are important to them. We would unhesitatingly recommend Xpresso.

Ricardo Q. Denise

Head of Marketing at VSN

We started working with Xpresso at the end of 2016 and immediately appreciated the technology background and expertise of the team. This allowed them to step straight in and start working quickly on our first project without any learning curve. Furthermore, they provided a customized communications package that perfectly met our promotion and communications needs. Last, but not least, we were impressed with the relationships they hold with the media. They are truly engaged with journalists and editors, which leads to pleasant meetings and good coverage.

Emmanuel Charlet

CEO & Partner VPMedia Solutions

We initially partnered with Xpresso Communications to update our website. After assessing our needs they helped migrate the content to a new platform, created compelling content and clear marketing messages. We were impressed by how quickly they conceived a marketing strategy and developed cogent, compelling corporate communications that achieved our objectives and helped improve our online presence. Finally they started supporting us with digital marketing. Their strategic approach in conceiving creative posts to engage with our customers and reach out to new publics, has already delivered some tangible results.

Benjamin Lardinoit

Co-founder and CEO - On-Hertz

As a start-up it’s important to take care of several aspects of your growing business. We were aware that in spite of financial constraints we needed a PR and Marketing partner specialised in the Broadcast and media technology industry to support our international positioning and growth within a limited budget.  The Xpresso team was very supportive and consulted on several aspects. Thanks to the first PR campaign and their media relations we had great traffic at our debuting show and after being short-listed for our virtual radio solution we won an award.  It’s a pleasure working with people who make you feel part of their team from day one and create room for brainstorming to envision new possibilities and strategies.

Carlo Struzzi

Founder & CEO Video Progetti

Since our clients and business partners exist both in our home country of Italy but also in a number of international markets, it makes sense to collaborate with a team who have Italian roots but an international reach. We develop systems architecture for clients by taking the best of individual developers and manufacturers, and integrating it into a single system that meets all of the needs of a client, in a way that they can trust will work. We selected  Xpresso Communications with the same principle of achieving excellence by using their exceptional  marketing communication skills, technical knowledge and trust to support everything we do.

Stefano De Pra

President and CEO - RCH Group

The Xpresso team is truly multi-lingual and it counts international professionals in several areas like marketing, global branding, technical writing, content localization, PR and media relations.

After having provided an integrated communications plan Xpresso Communications successfully executed the strategy from copywriting through translation up to online distribution. Both the RCH Group and a few of its companies (like Data4) have gained a significant visibility in the global retail market. Finally, they are committed, creative, solution minded and very nice people to work with!

Walter Harrewijn

Managing Director Avonic

We chose Xpresso  Communications because they took the time to understand our business and our objectives, and created a complete marketing communications program that is helping us achieve our international goals. So far, we have found them knowledgeable, professional and responsive.  The blogs and case studies they write greatly support our sales activities and generate an increasing traffic online.

Thanks to the Xpresso team Avonic has become a known and trusted name in the PRO AV market and has helped grow our market share.

Peter Englesson

CEO of Vintage Cloud

It was clear from our first meeting that Fiorenza and her team were communications professionals specialized in our industry. Fiorenza is a very honest person, someone we knew we could rely on to help us grow our business. In a few short months, the Xpresso team has become a trustworthy and dependable partner providing an integrated communications package which includes re-designing and writing for our website and blog, PR, marketing and social media. On top of this, they are great fun to work with. Anything we share with them often ends up being a story worth writing.

Alessandro Messineo

CEO & Co-Founder Wallin SRL

Wallin Srl. is a relatively new start-up active in the digital signage industry. As with many young companies, having the financial resources to undertake key marketing and PR efforts can be challenging at times. Xpresso Communications were extremely adaptable in meeting our needs and our budget.

Fiorenza and her team provided highly valuable professional help and guidance at all levels – website content creation, writing and distributing several press releases; as well as media relations in the lead up to ISE 2017. The combination of technical and industry knowledge, along with the most friendly and helpful team, makes Xpresso Communications a valuable PR partner.

Daniel Jonsson

CEO Production Minds

XPresso’s quick turnaround and value for money were exactly what we needed. They handled the whole process by interviewing the end user, drafting the release and getting it approved before distributing it to the international press and on social media.

Tony Orme

Chief Editor of The Broadcast Bridge

It is always a pleasure working with Fiorenza and XPresso Communications. They understand implicitly the series of relationships between media outlet, PR and client — but especially the stories editors need and when they need them.

I look forward to working with XPresso Communications in the editorial space in the future.

Marguerite Clark

Cofounder, RedTech Pro

Fiorenza and I first worked together as colleagues at a U.S-based PR agency. We have both since changed positions but we have continued to work together over the years.

Fiorenza and her team at XPresso Communications facilitate my role as cofounder and editorial director of RedTech Tribe, by quickly — and efficiently — providing me with appropriate editorial content from her clients when required. Fiorenza, who is proactive and always ready to step in, is also very knowledgeable about social media and full of great ideas. XPresso Communications is smart, direct and effective.

Eiji Yoshikawa

Chief Editor of TV Technology Japan

Just like it’s rare to come across someone very special although we meet many hundreds of people in our everyday life, Fiorenza is special. Whatever we do, we need to be a very good human being first. Otherwise, even when we do a perfect job, something should be missing.

In other words, let’s say when the job is 92% fine and is not perfect, the humanity is certainly there which is far more important because our job is to make the world a better place.Out of my over 30 years of working in the global community, Fiorenza is the shining flower.

Yasmin Hashmi

Former Managing Editor, HiddenWires

I have found Fiorenza to be professional, hard-working, quick on the uptake and reliable.

She is very approachable, and her experience in the industry gives her a clear advantage. Working with her is a real pleasure.

Michael Zhitomirskiy

Chief editor of the Mediavision Magazine

Working with Xpresso communications is not just a job but a joy as well.

They are very professional from one hand and acting like old friends from another one. The information they provide is always fresh, targeted and quite exclusive.

Vijaya Cherian

Editorial Director, CPI Media Group

It’s a joy to work with Fiorenza. When dealing with Fiorenza and XPresso, one is assured that editorial requests will be met and the information provided will be up to the mark. Her press interviews are always well planned and well organized.

Peter F. Garland

CEO The Future TV Limited

I have worked with Fiorenza and Xpresso Communications for some time. I have always found Fiorenza and her team to be most efficient and professional They always provide for their clients a comprehensive brand awareness package that receives an international coverage.

Their complete knowledge of complex technology is astounding. Press releases are always clear, and written in a concise way that makes even the most technical writers very envious Xpresso team is a joy to work with.

Antonio Castillo

CEO, Panorama Audiovisual

Fiorenza Mella is an extraordinary professional in the world of communication. Impeccable and faultless in her dealings with the journalists, she is always more than willing to enhance on a piece of information or attain that impossible photo.

Furthermore, in that pertaining to the organisation of events and press conferences, she is always on top of every single little detail, providing the journalists, with whom she enjoys a magnificent personal relationship, with all the material they could ever require in the most dynamic and efficient of ways.

Andrea Rivetta

Marketing Consultant ProRadioTV and
previous Editor-in-chief of Broadcast & Production

During the past years Fiorenza has been a valuable support in order to manage the communication relationships between our platform and many leading companies of our industry. A professional PR manager always very helpful for us and, as not marginally aspect, also a good friend.

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