About Us

We are content specialists who work with leading companies in the media and technology industries to make their digital marketing and customer experiences remarkable.

Many innovative brands rely on us to solve communications problems, engage with new audiences and improve their international visibility to help them grow their business.


Because  were a team of digital communications specialists.

Because were 100% focused on content strategies and communications as a whole, rather than only on marketing and advertising.

Because we know what were talking about: we all have 25+ years’ experience in working for technology-driven companies.

Because there is no B Team” at Xpresso Communications.

Because were fast, honest, and easy to work with. We wont waste your time, your money – and we’ll work to deserve your trust.

Headquartered in The Netherlands, we are virtually located in New York and across Europe from Cologne, London and Paris to Milan.
The Xpresso Communications team comprises senior communications strategists, digital marketing experts, senior writers with deep experience in technology content, content marketing, social media, brand building and helping companies grow.

We help you get to where you want to be through assessing your needs and desires; creating strategic communications plans; content writing; multichannel content distribution; coaching; digital content management; events support; press coverage; and social media management.

Leading companies in technology-driven industries trust us because we provide valuable content services at a reasonable fee. Almost all of our customers already have in-house marketing teams and/or agencies – but because we provide full integrated marketing and communications services and specialise in media and technology markets, we can work as an extension of your internal team and in partnership with any other web agency you might have.