Our team of media professionals (including technical & marketing writers, web & graphic designers, marketing and communications strategists) effectively contribute to the international success of our many clients.

As a trusted expert in the electronic media and technology-driven industries, Xpresso continuously develops engaging PR, Marketing, and Social Media content―relied on by clients and the Media―to increase sales, market share, and competitive advantage in an increasingly aggressive global marketplace.


The multi-lingual and multi-skilled Xpresso Communications team is comprised of:


Fiorenza Mella, Founder and CEO (Espresso and art lover)

Did you know that Fiorenza was the first female sales engineer in Italy?

Communications strategist, Marketing and international PR specialist with multilingual skills and intercultural competences. A natural networker with passion for technologies and social media. A linguist who loves researching about multilingual interaction and digital marketing. A visionary business partner. Art, photography, and music lover.

Based in the Netherlands, and with over twenty years’ marketing and communications experience in broadcast, telecom, satellite and related technologies, Fiorenza is the creative mind of several successful PR and marketing campaigns for the launch and growth of several businesses as well as the strategic voice of numerous social media accounts.

She is a fluent speaker of English, French, Italian, Spanish, and Dutch.

Fiorenza’s international career includes spells running production and post-production companies, and senior sales and marketing roles with manufacturers of broadcast equipment. In 2006 she joined an American PR agency as Vice President of Business Development, handling a range of accounts from start-ups to major manufacturers in the media, entertainment and technology industry.

Fiorenza (fiorenza@xpressocommunications.com) has an M.A. with Summa Cum Laude in English/Applied Linguistics, as well as a B.A. in languages and communications.

Jess McMurray, Content Strategist (Espresso and travel lover)

Did you know that Jess speaks a somewhat odd (and largely useless) mix of Italian, Swedish and Slovak – her grammar is good but her accent is atrocious!

After graduating in Law from Oxford University a decade ago, Jess has been working as a freelancer writer as she has traveled across Europe; living in Slovakia, Montenegro and Italy.

Specializing mostly in academic research papers, Jess has written widely on business, management and marketing issues and thus stays abreast of the developing technologies, trends and techniques that are emerging at the forefront of the industry.

Her ability to quickly synthesise new information, critically analyse its implications for stakeholders, and present the information in a compelling and persuasive manner to a wide variety of readers makes her an important addition to the Xpresso team.

Claudia Haase, International Business Strategist & U.S. Affiliate   (Latte macchiato & cars lover)

With a degree in both business and engineering, Claudia embodies everything that Xpresso is about; a detailed understanding of the technologies that underpin our clients’ activities, and the business savviness and creativity that make our marketing content stand out. Her impressive background in broadcast-related Sales Management compliments the existing Xpresso line-up perfectly.

And much like the rest of the Xpresso team, Claudia has restless feet having lived in Germany, New York and Paris. She keeps those feet moving with constant travel and an affinity for outdoor activities. Whilst sometimes that means nothing more than pottering around in the garden, all-too-often it also means trying to emulate the stunts from her favourite action films.

As a natural born engineer, Claudia also has a serious passion for cars, driving them, talking about them, fiddling about under the hood, gazing longingly at them on Autotrader, and, did we mention, talking about them?

Claudia is both social and socially conscious, down-to-earth and humble (which is why she’ll probably hate us telling you so many great things about her), exceptionally smart with a wit to match. And whilst she likes her coffee white, she loves her humour dark, so we can forgive her the occasional Latte Machiato!

Gabriele Cazzulini, Digital Advertising Manager (Espresso and Fender guitar lover)

Did you know that Gabriele has a memory to rival an elephant?

His crystal-clear recall means that Gabriele can remember even the smallest and most mundane details from the past as if they were happening in the present.

His outstanding memory also allows him to assemble numerous pieces of information simultaneously; key when setting up any digital communication strategy. His ability to converge multiple messages and data into a unified vision delivers amazing results in a fluid and oceanic online world.

Gabriele excels in multi-channel digital advertising campaigns, from content creation through to technical setup and performance analysis.

As a sociologist, Gabriele keeps abreast of social trends, the economy, politics and arts. Reading and researching on present societal challenges, philosophical ideas and cultural topics inspire his creativity and feed his appetite for constantly exploring new tools and opportunities.  His open mindset, expertise on best practice in the digital realm and his analytical ability make him a valuable addition to the Xpresso team.

A soloist when performing with his Fender guitar, but a keen team player in the work arena.

Gabriele holds an MA in Political Sciences and a PhD in Sociology.

Isabella Massardo, Multilingual Content Editor (Espresso and
books lover)

Did you know that Isabella never thought she’d end up becoming a technology terminologist?

Isabella has worked in the translation industry since 1988, as a translator, trainer and writer.

She writes regularly about multilingual content management and translation with a particular focus on technology and innovation.

She is an international public speaker and trainer on terminology and other aspects related to localisation.

Her copywriting and editing experience include content marketing for global organisations.

Isabella is an ECQA-certified Terminology Manager.

She lives between Rome and Amsterdam and is a fluent speaker of English, Dutch, Italian, French and Russian.

Isabella holds an MA in Russian Language and Literature.

Tom Richards, Technology Writer (beer and nature lover)

With over 30 years experience, Tom Richards writes compelling content for Fortune 500 companies and smaller businesses, motivating advocacy and action among specific target audiences.

Tom has worked on time and to budget across geographic markets in Europe, the United States, and the Pacific Rim, and within a wide range of industries including Technology and cloud-computing, Finance & Banking, Media / Telecoms, FMCG and many others. His deliverables including case studies, white papers, digitized brochures, and web content are used by clients to generate leads, increase competitive advantage, and maximize sales and bottom line results.

Tom holds an MBA from UCLA in marketing and finance, an MA in New Product Adoption from Dublin City University and a BA from Illinois Wesleyan University. A dual Irish /
US national, Tom is also a number one bestselling novelist and screenwriter and was a Guest Lecturer in screenwriting at National University Ireland for four years. He
lives on the picturesque Beara Peninsula in West Cork Ireland, and uses a wide range of online tools to keep connected with clients across the globe.

Jonathan Tombes, Technology Writer and U.S. Affiliate (Espresso and nature lover)

Expert business and tech writer. A tireless researcher and savvy marketer, Jonathan is conversant is numerous technologies and has written for and about companies in a
wide range of industries.

For a decade, he edited Communications Technology. Since leaving CT in 2010, he has written white papers, articles and other content for dozens of companies in his role as
principal of JT Consulting, LLC. He also spent 18 months directing content marketing at a software engineering firm.

In his earlier life, he worked at a leading Washington DC-based think-tank, where he helped publish more than 200 articles and five books, produce a major international
conference and manage a high-level delegation to East Asia.

Jonathan (jonathan@xpressocommunications.com) has an M.A. in Government and B.A. in Classics. He reads Latin and Greek, speaks French and writes in many tech dialects.
When unplugged, he likes to walk with his Welsh Springer Spaniel in the Virginia countryside.