As Seth Godin famously said: “Content marketing is the only marketing left.”

We are content specialists who work with leading companies in technology industries to
help them achieve business success.

We have been involved in the following technology markets so far: media, entertainment,
satellite, robotics, home appliances, IT, medical and IoT.
We respond to the increasing demand (not only in technology-driven markets) for
professionally written content.

We can create short-form content such as press announcements, blog posts or articles of a
few hundred words. Or, we can create long-form content: examples would include applied
technology pieces, tutorials, case studies, awards entries, and so on.

Any piece of content we create can help with your sales efforts: we can repurpose it to
provide valuable materials to support your sales and business development initiatives.
Content is not just a limited edition for one season, one purpose. If used wisely it can have
an unlimited reach, a life-span of several seasons.

Thanks to our integrated communications approach and our multi-skilled team, we can
repurpose and reshape any piece of content so it becomes a winning communications tool
in multiple contexts: social media, digital marketing, blog posts, website messaging, and
newsletters, the list in endless.

We work with leading organisations in the media and technology industries to help them win
more customers, using content marketing strategies and tactics that attracts like a magnet.
Our decades of experience in communications and marketing, working with companies
across several markets, has provided us with the skills and knowledge needed to consult a
variety of technology-driven companies. The size of your company is not relevant.
Your perceived problem always has a solution. We can provide the right one.
While Content Marketing is all encompassing in one sense, in reality it’s only one part the larger
marketing communications umbrella. And, what’s the point in having great content if nobody finds it
and reads it?

Once we have written your content, here are some tactics we employ to promote it. This ensures that
the high-quality content we’ve just produced gets it in front of the eyeballs of those who matter.



“‘Influencer Relations’ – A new term for an old industry” – Louie St Claire, Harvard UK.
Louie St Claire couldn’t have said it better! Indeed, influencer relations is a natural extension to the
traditional role of Public Relations; i.e. building and nurturing a reputation with key influencers. What’s
changed is:

  1. The means and ways by which a relationship is built.
  2. The influencers themselves; i.e. anyone can be a publisher today, it’s no longer just the press.
  3. You can also be an influencer.

Influencer Relations, like in the old days of PR, is all about building and maintaining two-way human
relationships that are founded on mutual trust and respect. At Xpresso we already hold the relationships
with the people that matter for your business: international trade press, industry associations, bloggers
and digital platforms. We are also highly skilled in helping you become an influencer by conceiving and
sharing high quality opinion pieces and compelling content that brings value to – and engages with your
key audience.

It’s easy to grasp that content is everywhere today, and even the best content can get smothered in the
noise. So, the use of influencer relations alongside other communications tactics will increase the
chances of your content being discovered and read by your target audience. Don’t forget that the
advent of social media has changed the world of public and influencer relations. Those who do not
embrace and connect with online influencers miss huge opportunities to build brand awareness and
share their voice and message.

Today, many connections are primarily made online and the key to success lies in moving these virtual
connections offline to in-person relationships. Our founding principles place people and relationships at
the heart of everything we do, and thanks to our human connections, we fully understand both the
people and the influence.



Content and strategies to enhance your digital profile
We have been creating successful digital marketing plans and campaigns for years. We’re also a very
curious bunch and dedicate time to keep up with the latest digital marketing trends, which are ever
changing… Those new techniques that are the most effective are then implemented with the goal of
further enhancing our customers’ reputations online.

We can’t stress enough the importance of creating a digital plan from the outset that can be measured
against your company’s goals and objectives, whether it’s to generate qualified leads or to build
brand/product awareness.

Online can be a distraction and a time waster if not correctly used and managed. The key is in finding
where your audience is most active, rather than sporadically posting updates on every available online
platform. Once the most effective digital mediums have been identified, we then create a well-defined
digital campaign and editorial calendar that can be tracked and measured on an on-going basis.



At Xpresso we realise that while online tools allow us to reach a broad audience quickly, one must not
overlook the benefits of traditional marketing techniques. That’s why we place a huge importance on
working towards the development of a fully integrated plan and campaign to deliver maximum results.
This proactive and integrated approach will position your company and brand both online and offline,
generating awareness and driving new opportunities for sales.



Get genuine traffic to your tradeshow booth
Tradeshows can be a very stressful time for marketing departments and often put a huge strain on your
team. If you have an exhibit booth presence, there are 101 things to do, many checklists to tick and a
mountain of deadlines to meet! To make sure that you get the return on investment from your exhibit
attendance, Xpresso Communications can help build awareness before, during, and after the event. We
can get your show communications flowing and help drive traffic that has a genuine interest in what you
offer to your booth.



Want to have a one-on- one consultation or training over Skype with a member of the Xpresso team?
Consultations are generally 1-hour slots where a senior member of our team can either audit your
current communications, walk you through the steps in developing a communications strategy and plan,
or simply give you some simple tactics to get you started that you can implement yourself.

Trainings include Twitter marketing, Facebook marketing, LinkedIn marketing, and so on. Trainings can
be for beginners or those of you who need more advanced insights (advertising, analytics) – it all
depends on your current skill level.


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