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WE ARE CONSCIOUS OF YOUR INVESTMENT We know that ROI is important, and we make sure that every penny you invest in us is worth it. CREATORS AND PUBLISHERS OF AUTHENTIC AND DISRUPTIVE CONTENT FOR TECHNOLOGY DRIVEN INDUSTRIES INTERNATIONAL FOOTPRINT We are a multi-cultural, multi-lingual, and multi-disciplined team with the skills you need to be seen and heard on a global scale. WE PLACE PEOPLE AT THE FOREFRONT Human-to- human connections are vital: we put your story, your people and your clients first. RELATIONSHIPS THAT MATTER We hold long-standing and trustworthy relationships forged through honesty and mutual respect. A PARTNER YOU CAN COUNT ON We take the time to get to know who you, what you want to achieve, and we help you grow. AUTHENTIC CONTENT THAT ADDS
We are known for the great stories we weave on behalf of our clients, some of them have even made front cover status!
COMMUNICATIONS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOUR BRAND, YOUR AUDIENCE & YOUR MARKET We share stories that educate and inform your audience, highlighting how your technology can of benefit WE ARE CONSCIOUS OF YOUR INVESTMENT We know that ROI is important, and we make sure that every penny you invest in us is worth it. ADVANCED MULTICHANNEL CONTENT DISTRIBUTION We add social connectivity to your digital profile through multi-channel content dissemination. NEED TO BOOST YOUR SALES? Our integrated communications strategies add an extra lead-generation tool to your business development efforts.

Who We Are

Creators and publishers of authentic and disruptive content for companies in the media, broadcast and technology-based industries

Content Creation, Public Relations, Digital Marketing, Event Communications

Fiorenza Mella
Founder and CEO

Allekta-Ilinca Hatu
Sr. Branding & Inbound Marketing

Claudia Haase

Jess McMurray

Jonathan Tombes

Tom Richards

With 25 years of PR and contentmarketing experience, we are the right partner.

  • Henry Alexander CEO SDNsquare

    Thanks to Xpresso we could deliver a much better and comprehensive message to our customers which resulted in a better global exposure
  • Jean-Christophe Kummers Managing Partner at NOA Audio Solutions

    The Xpresso team work efficiently and save us time because they have good technical knowledge, but they also understand the importance of personal relationships in PR.
  • David Bourgeois CEO of CyanView

    Their complete knowledge of complex technology is astounding. Press releases are always clear and written in a concise way that makes even the most technical writers very envious.
  • Marguerite Clark Editorial Director, RedTech Tribe

    XPresso Communications is smart, direct and effective.
  • Peter Englesson CEO, Vintage Cloud

    In a few short months, the Xpresso team has become a trustworthy and dependable partner providing an integrated communications package which includes re-designing and writing for our website and blog, PR, marketing and social media.
  • Michael Zhitomirskiy Chief editor of the Mediavision Magazine

    Working with Xpresso communications is not just a job but a joy as well
  • Simen K. Frostad Chairman of Bridge Technologies

    Xpresso Communications is a great partner in strategic communications that we highly recommend to any company operating in the business of media entertainment technology
  • Eiji Yoshikawa Chief Editor of TV Technology Japan

    Just like it’s rare to come across someone very special although we meet many hundreds of people in our everyday life, Fiorenza is special.
  • Ricardo Q. Denise, Head of Marketing,VSN

    We immediately appreciated the technology background and expertise of the Xpresso team
  • Gerrit Bulten, CEO WebClip2Go

    It comes as no surprise to me that  Xpresso have been awarded a European Business Award for their services.


We create and deliver content that attracts new customers and nurtures existing ones.

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