We are trusted by companies and people who contribute significantly to the technology of today and tomorrow. Our customers have developed some of the most powerful and useful technologies in their markets, changing the lives of the many end-users who benefit from it.

Our custom-built & strategically designed campaigns have proven to be of tremendous value to our client’s project. We have helped several companies generate qualified leads that converted to sales, increased market share, and improved competitive advantage in an increasingly aggressive global marketplace.

We have years of experience in our respective fields, a team with multiple skills and multiple languages, concrete results to prove our value, as well as openminded and friendly personalities. So, why not consider joining us for your next campaign?


  • Henry Alexander CEO SDNsquare

    Thanks to Xpresso we could deliver a much better and comprehensive message to our customers which resulted in a better global exposure
  • Jean-Christophe Kummers Managing Partner at NOA Audio Solutions

    The Xpresso team work efficiently and save us time because they have good technical knowledge, but they also understand the importance of personal relationships in PR.
  • David Bourgeois CEO of CyanView

    Their complete knowledge of complex technology is astounding. Press releases are always clear and written in a concise way that makes even the most technical writers very envious.
  • Marguerite Clark Editorial Director, RedTech Pro

    XPresso Communications is smart, direct and effective.
  • Annabella Nassetti Founder, A Living Concept

    Xpresso Communications’ team stands out for their open mindedness, international reputation and their polymathic content creation.
  • Michael Zhitomirskiy Chief editor of the Mediavision Magazine

    Working with Xpresso communications is not just a job but a joy as well
  • Simen K. Frostad Chairman of Bridge Technologies

    Xpresso Communications is a great partner in strategic communications that we highly recommend to any company operating in the business of media entertainment technology
  • Eiji Yoshikawa Chief Editor of TV Technology Japan

    Just like it’s rare to come across someone very special although we meet many hundreds of people in our everyday life, Fiorenza is special.
  • Ricardo Q. Denise, Head of Marketing,VSN

    We immediately appreciated the technology background and expertise of the Xpresso team
  • Gerrit Bulten, CEO WebClip2Go

    It comes as no surprise to me that  Xpresso have been awarded a European Business Award for their services.


T&M for broadcast, cable, satellite, OTT and telecoms

Digitizing, archiving, description and retrieval of AV and other media content

Solutions for production, management and distribution of audiovisual content

Distributing and integrating professional equipment for television, cinema and telecommunications.

Distribution and integration of digital video production and broadcast systems

Cy-RCP: a universally compatible remote control panel that enables the control of multiple cameras in remote production environments

innovative self-service and automatic systems for the payment of goods and services in cash or electronically

Advanced point of sale systems for the retail, food and beverage, entertainment, hospitality, franchising markets and the public sector

Enabling live radio shows on your laptop

High quality PTZ cameras, videoconferencing and other audiovisual solutions
for AV markets

Solutions for managing and configurating IP media networks

Innovative LED lights for film sets, television studios and theaters

Raising the standard of broadband engineering in the telecommunications industry

Many companies & CEOs also use us as their voice on social media