Programmatic trading is well on its way to dominating the digital ad space and momentum is building to transfer its benefits to TV, with the U.K. arguably leading the way.

NAB 2016 Reveals New Opportunities in Media and Broadcast

Attendees at the 2016 NAB exhibition and conference will represent all sectors of the broadcast industry including digital media, film, entertainment, telecom, post-production, academia, houses of worship, advertising, military, government, retail, security, sports, live events, online video, IT and virtual and augmented reality – set to converge in Las Vegas for six days to define…

Apple Watch claims over 50% market share

Juniper’s research demonstrates how the continued lack of a strong use case for smartwatches means that, Apple Watch aside, the market thus far has been driven by lower priced devices with more basic functionality.    

Go Behind the Curtain of the Digital Revolution

Digital computers have been commercially available for almost 70 years, and yet the digital “revolution” is a relatively new phenomenon, beginning in the early 1980s with the introduction of the IBM PC. Why the delay? Two words: speed and memory. And those two words lead to a third: cost.