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What if competitive advantage comes from not competing with each other? Exploring the idea of collaboration, and the way it affects
How a DoP Shaped Photonia’s LED Lighting in Exciting Ways Inspiration and the idea of creativity through constraint Blog Paolo
Is Technology Neutral? The nature of expertise   Blog In June, we sent our content creator and account manager Jess
We Asked a Robot to Teach Us About Love — Here’s What We Learned Guest post By Emily Manuel Being
How Video Progetti and Xpresso Communications Crossed Paths  Blog Some relationships take a time to get started. The chemistry is
How IP-based remote production was the star of Bridge Technologies 15 year celebration Blog In 2004, the EU underwent its
How Much it Means to Share Something of Meaning Our BridgEvent experience Technology evolves at a mile a minute. Psychology
  The Silent Victory of Good Design in the POS Market Blog Everything is designed. Take a moment to really
Sports Production Companies Embracing Remote Production Bridge Technologies has long been a fervent proponent of IP technology and the benefits
Connectivity is Key also in the PROAV Industry Blog A running joke within the office is the near universal love
Graphics: making the complex simple Blog The oldest known maps date back over 4,000 years, with the first map of
How Remote Working Maintains a Far More Global Reach Jess McMurray: a ‘digital nomad’ in PR & Content Marketing I
NAB 2019: a major success for Bridge Technologies Blog “The time has come," the Walrus said, “to talk of many things:
Serendipity at NAB Show How much room is there for luck on the path to success?   We all know
NAB may change, but I’m still here. NAB rolls around yet again, and this year it seems I’ve heard the
Five ways to maximise restaurant success  Blog The restaurant trade has never been more competitive. What can restaurants do to
Making everything play nicely   Blog   In the good old days of computing, success was all about showing up
Remote production: back where we started Blog: Bridge Technologies "I think there is a world market for maybe five computers,"
Beyond music - our response to sound    Guest blog Jackie Green, President & CTO at Alteros   The Good
The technology market is the market most ripe for  ‘Marketing Revolution’   Earlier this year, marketing guru Mark Schaefer published
Xpresso Communications Sit-Down: RCH Group President Stefano de Pra on Preliminaries to Innovation We met Stefano de Pra at EuroCIS
AI's Big Challenge To make it truly intelligent, researchers need to rethink the way they approach the technology By Garrett Kenyon on February
Bridge Technologies: Any time, any place, anywhere (There’s a wonderful world you can share) Blog In Microsoft’s 2017 YouTube commercial
50 Years of winning synergy in innovative selling solutions Blog   2019 is the year of our 50th birthday, and
Meet us at ISE 2019! We could offer a strong benefit to your company! Our core values have the potential
Are integration and automation always the right approach?   Workflow. Compatibility. Integration. Automation. Efficiency. The business world has become an
VB440-Instrument-View-magical -combination.
  Remote production: no compromise on quality Blog It seems a long time ago that, if you wanted to talk
Marketing Trend for ever: human-centred marketing Here are some trends that we can expect in 2019: Food: Even more weird
RCH Year round-up Pristine design expressed by magnetic elegance; powerful innovation combined with reliability   The New Year is often
Merry Christmas and much luck and passion in the upcoming year!   In Italy, wearing read underwear on New Year's
A lesson from Janus By Fiorenza Mella and Jess McMurray   In ancient Roman religion and myth, Janus is the
The sound of music     Have you ever walked through the woods, and really listened to the world around
Bridge Technologies controlla la rete TecnologieTrasmissione IP  redazione milano Mosaico5 Doppia interfaccia di rete fino a 100 GbE per l’analizzatore
The AES show gives us an opportunity to drive innovation. Can it be enhanced?   With a bit of time
Causes of entropy drain in PR and Marketing  By Jess McMurray and Fiorenza Mella   The concept of entropy on
The radio of the future: what’s our margin? Guest Post: On-Hertz In this series, we’ve investigated how increased mobility and
The benefits of industry-leading training for retail   We may be international in scale now, but RCH still maintains an
The art of making sound disappear     A night at the theatre has always been an experience full of
Mobility at the heart of radio: how natural?     In my previous article I said that radio has all
How RCH Group revolutionized the POS market Guest post By RCH Group We’ve come a long way since the first
A new medium is coming up - fast! Broadcasters: will you seize the opportunity? Guest post by On-Hertz   The world
  “When women show interest in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) topics, don’t just tell them how something works.
A pioneering scientist explains ‘deep learning’ Artificial intelligence meets human intelligence By Angela Chen @chengela Oct 16, 2018, 4:46pm EDT Illustration
Guest Post Data4 contributes to the growing Kiosk market By Michele Stecca, General Manager Data4   Interactive kiosks are not
AI AI AI, what’s going on here then - can computers really be creative?   Xpresso is back from IBC
Simen K. Frostad, Chairman of Bridge Technologies, was  interviewed by the IBCTV. IP technology contains the ability to remove latency....
Striking the Right Note Professionals in the “sound” industries should work hard on developing their audio cognition to drive excellence
Simen K. Frostad interviewed by INBroadcast at IBC Show. Why we hide complexity https://youtu.be/qr72i1NvY5g
Bridge Technologies: Timing - Tails of Truth By Simen K. Frostad, Chairman at Bridge Technologies     Recognising the extremities
IBC2018 is a whole new beast…   Revolutionary change can often come surprisingly quietly. IBC has undergone a fairly revolutionary
Women in audio: A Growing Trend One of the questions I have often been asked throughout my career is how
 The IP Showcase returns to IBC in 2018, September 14-18 At the RAI Amsterdam, Room E106/107   Located in Room
Quote by Jackie Green, president and chief technology officer of the alteros division of Audio-Technica. “Horses are often sick and
The Healthy Addiction? Coffee Study Finds More Health Benefits New research in mice details the mechanism of how caffeine seems
Bridge Technologies ha tenido un gran año en Latam Texto escrito por Vlad Martínez, especial para TVyVideo+Radio. Publicado: 2018-06-26 México.
SVG Sit-Down: alteros President Jackie Green on the Aftermath of RF Reallocation   Wireless users still have a variety of
Naomi Climer, the first female President of the Institution of Engineering and Technology   Former IET President Naomi Climer and
Transferring quantum information using sound How can quantum information be transferred from one atom to another? June 5, 2018 Source: 
Guest post by Connected Legends Peter MacAvock and his Belief in Public Service Media Head of Delivery Platforms and Services,
How Frequency Response Affects the “Sound” of Microphones By Frank Beacham, Broadcast Bridge A microphone is a transducer that converts