AT&T Offers Unlimited Video Streaming Plan

AT&T has announced that starting Tuesday, Jan. 12, new and existing AT&T consumer wireless customers who have or add AT&T DirecTV or AT&T U-Verse TV may sign up for the new AT&T Unlimited Plan. The new plan offers more data for video, playing games and surfing the web on mobile devices. Unlimited data and unlimited…

Searching Deeper on Online Video

But devices like Google’s Chromecast make search input easier by letting you do it on your smartphone. And voice-activated search, including the new Siri functionality Apple has added to its Apple TV device, is becoming commoner too.  

What do you think will be single biggest trend in digital media and technology in 2016?

This year we have also seen a continued strong growth in mobile use, shown clearly by Mary Meeker’s annual mobile trends round-up from earlier in the year. So, unsuprisingly, the use of mobile marketing will continue to be one of key trends to follow in 2016.