Do PR pros over-rely on media relations?

Media relations has long been a PR core commodity. Recent stats, reports and general consumer behavior however, suggest this might be changing.    

9 steps to repurpose blog posts

If you wrote a stellar blog post a year ago on a subject that is currently trending again, you can—and should—revamp the article to attract new eyes. Your current readers may not have any idea that this old article applies to a current topic.      

Netflix subscriber numbers could ‘more than double’ by 2020, research firm says

A new report estimates that despite intensifying competition and the possibility of subscriber saturation, Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) will have more than 175 million subscribers within four years — more than double its current worldwide subscribership of 75 million. And the vast majority of that growth will still be in the United States.

NOA to Deliver Latest Research on Archiving Preservation and Efficiency Issues at JTS 2016

Vienna, Austria 22nd  February 2016 NOA’s Christophe Kummer and Nadja Wallaszkovits will deliver two papers at JTS 2016 in Singapore, outlining the results and recommendations of recent research on acetate media refreshment, and discussing methods for securing transcription integrity in large scale digitisation projects.   Nadja Wallaszkovits, who as well as conducting research in NOA’s…