Vimond Selected by Optus to Deliver English Premier League Service to Australia

Bergen, Norway, 22 June 2016   Vimond today announced that it had been selected by Australia’s second-largest telecommunications company, Optus, to build and deliver the technical infrastructure – including content ingestion, preparation and distribution – which will enable Optus customers to view English Premier League (EPL) football games over the coming three seasons.   Optus’…

Quote of the Day: Video over IP

Video over IP… was an important evolution for the industry. The AV Industry has been steeped in hardware based, point-to-point video distribution technologies for far too long. Granted, we’ve come a long way from the days of five-wire bnc and the like, but we still have a long way to go..

Mike Brandes, CTS


3 solutions to social media brand problems

Brand managers can forget what social media is truly about and begin to shout at their potential audience, assuming people will happily participate with their content and ultimately buy their products. When they start marketing their brands online and see no results after a month, they give up and claim that social media doesn’t work.…