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                SDNsquare Launches GRID New Release at IBC 2021  it increases scope, functionality
The magic of monitoring and measurement in movie making   Why mistakes make for great movie plots, but terrible productions
Why you need a Dedicated Private Network If you’re dedicated to streaming excellence, you need a dedicated VDN! The world
Data driven decision making – what does it really mean? article published by IABM   What is a decision? It
HRT Boosts Video Archiving Efforts With NOA   Is using jobDB Core bundle to digitize entire video repertoire   Press
              NOA to Take Part in the FIAT/IFTA World Conference 2021 Will also present
Bridge Technologies-announces-Closed Caption-Packet capture-VB440-production-Broadcast-probe
          Bridge Technologies Adds Closed Caption and Packet Capture to its VB440  The new functionalities secure
Proactively Reactive: a new kind of innovation mindset Blog Agent of change or adaptor to change?  Proactive or reactive? The
The evolution of audio engineering that should be ‘recorded’ in history Blog   Wired for sound (or maybe not…) One
            Xpresso Communications Awarded Most Innovative Content Creation Agency   When focus on innovation inspires
        WebClip2Go Adds ‘smooth transition’ Functionality   New function increases creative options with no complexity    
Wired for sound (or maybe not…) The evolution of audio engineering that should be ‘recorded’ in history One of life’s
    Bridge Technologies Equips VB440 with JPEG XS Compression Analysis   Ensures the probe remains at the forefront of
Dream Chip-Gravity-Tennis-Camera-AtomOne
              Dream Chip Collaborates with Gravity Media to Create Revolutionary NetCam   Miniature, robust,
  AETA Audio Systems Adds 5G to ScoopTeam Represents a significant leap forward in the world of audio transport Press
        NOA Highlights Archive Catalog Preservation at IASA 2021 Stöger will present a paper about the migration
Gold medal performances across the board   Blog The most famous of Ancient Greek Sporting events is here again It’s
The mad hatters of the broadcast world Blog In this month’s blog, we find out how the Bridge baseball caps
Making (radio) waves in the field of multimedia content delivery A riddle for you … And a bit of history
NOA: Bridging the Archiving Gap   Knowledge of available digitization techniques is key to ensuring the preservation of valuable audiovisual
Digging deep into the core of VSN Behind the scenes: A look into the roles of our Backend, Frontend and
Innovation going greener!   How MainStreaming’s innovations carry more than just technological benefit Blog Seeing the problem The consumer market
        MainStreaming and KevlinX Embark on VDN Partnership   iMDP provides Belgian Media Hub with ultra-low latency
Article-Creative Cow-studio-production
When is a webinar not a webinar? When it’s the Bridge Show Elevating webinars to an art form, and learning
Find your probes in our music  Why being silly matters   At Bridge, we’re quite a fan of being transparent.
Finding the perfect technology platform Blog   What do the terms embedded, appliance and software-based mean to you? One of
Italy Celebrates the First World 100-hour live on Green Room The Italian Community celebrates the world first pulse-pounding  experience on
VSNCrea and the rule of three Blog Three industries, three geographies, three happy customers: in this month’s blog we explore
              MTVA Expands Archiving Process With NOA Adds NOARecord workstation with NOA N7000c audio
              WebClip2Go Add Auto Power Feature   to improve the security and energy efficiency
The balancing act of communications on Clubhouse   Join the Club and listen If you have your ear to the
Style, Spectacle and Success: It’s the Bridge Event and Awards! An Online Bridge Event? Surely that’s virtually impossible!?   Blog
    AETA Extends Southern European Reach With New Distributors  Aret in Italy and Ibertel Telecom in Spain as part
Why a house is like an IP network why managing networks effectively is key to keeping your in-laws happy… Blog
How MainStreaming’s AI-powered iMDP technology has helped to secure competitive advantage for Sky Italia Case Study As Europe’s leading media
The Centrality of Metadata in the Management of Media Assets When seeing becomes understanding   Blog The ability to generate
Team Talk In the field of technology, there’s a constant drive to know where to place the next big investment.
Bridge Technologies’-VB440-Underpins-Densitron’s-UReady-4RU-Solution
            Bridge Technologies’ VB440 Underpins Densitron’s UReady 4RU Solution The collaborative product takes broadcast operator
Award Tech Leadership 2021_AtomOne_SSM500_soccer_1_avelocidad_new
          Dream Chip Awarded ‘Best Production Technology’ by TVTech   recognising the outstanding performance of the
          Radio România Upgrades Archiving Activities With NOA   Orders four N7000c to streamline audio ingest
RTVS Extends Archiving Capabilities With NOA   Adds FrameLector ingest module to mediARC AAM to further enhance workflow   Vienna,
    NVP to Enter a Joint Venture with HiWay Media Adding end-to-end streaming and OTT management to its production
Making Order From Chaos in a Growing World of Media Video content: it’s taking over the world. Once the preserve
Partnership-blog-Simen Frostad-Bridge Technologies-technology
What kind of Business Partner are you?   BLOG Partnerships. They make or break a good franchise. Starsky and Hutch,
UCLL-University-WebClip2Go-video-Presentation-students, teachers-Delft
          WebClip2Go Welcomes Four More Universities as ‘Multi-System’ Users   The popularity and success of the
Bridge Technologies-wins-award
    Bridge Technologies Wins Tech Leadership’s ‘Best Production Technology’ Award The win recognizes the contribution of the VB440’s new
          Dream Chip Pylon Camera Changes the Game at Superbowl 2021   The miniature cameras allowed
Technology represents a tool for enhanced creativity, not an end in itself BLOG The devil’s in the detail Perhaps one
Serbian Radio
          Radio Belgrade Safeguards Patrimony With NOA   Streamlines complete digitization process for over 50 years
Fiorenza-Mella-Frank-Kerrin-Tech-Talks-Xpresso Live-Technology-broadcast-Italy
Fiorenza Mella talks with Frank Kerrin about trends and projects in the broadcast industry in Italy. Video Progetti offers the